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Video Seminars

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Interactive Video Seminars for Cost Effective FDA/EU Compliance

With 10 Best Practices Documents for Easy Implementation


Now Labcompliance offers Video Seminars on CD's in addition to the popular audio seminar series.

  • No travel - No lost time - Get compliance solutions fast
  • Order the Video CD, watch the video it as many times as you want to learn about theory and strategies for implementation
  • Use the 10+ seminar tool kit for easy implementation: SOPs, examples, templates, checklists


The presenter and guest speakers may be in any part of the world as long as they have access to a phone. Attendees listen on the phone either as single persons at their desk or together with colleagues in a seminar or conference room. Slides and other material can be downloaded from a special website site and viewed either as printouts or an computer or video screen. Before, during and after the seminar attendees can ask questions either life or through web forms.

The seminars are recorded and are available either as CD or as Web Download. Orders of recorded seminars include all reference material

Seminars Currently Available


  1. How to Prepare Your Organization for the 'New' Part 11
    Learn What's Coming and How to Implement
  2. Managing OOS Test Results and Failure Investigations
    Implementing the final FDA Guidance for Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories and Production
  3. Good Laboratory Practices
    Objectives, requirements and impact on your organization
  4. Auditing Analytical Laboratories for FDA Compliance
    Preparation - conduct - follow up - documentation
  5. Validation of Analytical Methods and Procedures
    Design, Conduct and Document for Efficiency and Compliance

Benefits for companies and attendees

  • No traveling inconvenience - saves time and money
  • The presentation and tool kits can be shared across a site .

Special Offers

Take full advantage of attractive volume discounts

Pricing for recorded audio seminars, includes access to seminar websites

  • Regular price: $399
  • Purchase of three: $1077 (10% volume discount)
  • Purchase of five: $1695 (15% volume discount)

For ordering, ask for special quote; huber@labcompliance.com

Tool Kits

Each seminar includes a tool kit for easy implementation of seminar topics. Examples are:

  • Master plans
  • Primers
  • Checklists
  • SOPs
  • Templates
  • Examples
  • Reference papers
  • FDA presentations
  • FDA warning letters
  • FDA inspection reports and warning letters,

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does one seminar last?

Typically one hour.


Q: What is the format of the seminar

Video clips are recorded and imbedded in Powerpoint presentation slides. This allows highest flexibility. For example slides and clips can be skipped or replayed several times. The PowerPoint presentation with video clips come on a CD. Reference material such as 10+ best practice documents can be downloaded from a password protected website. The site and its updates can be accessed for two years.


Q: Can I ask questions about the seminar?

Yes, you can ask questions and make comments by e-mail before, during and after the seminar. For e-mails you can either use the form on the website or you can send an e-mail to huber@labcompliance.com.


Q: Can attendees get access to all questions and answers?

Yes, they are posted at the seminar website.


Q: Can we ask questions anonymously?

Usually we don't mention your name and company when we answer your question life or on the website.


Q: Do the seminars include all the hand-outs as shown on the seminar websites??

Yes. When you purchase any recorded seminar option, you get access to the same website as for the live session. This includes all handouts.


Q: Can I ask questions when I order a recorded seminar?

Yes. Either use the form on the seminar website or send an e-mail to huber@labcompliance.com with Re: Audio-Number or Title


Q: Can I get a special discount when I purchase multiple Video seminars?

Yes, You can get a special discount. Click here for more information. . 


Q: Hello, the materials are wonderful, however I was unable to save the pdf files on my hard drive. Any recommendations? Thank you.

This function is common to all files, when you open them and hit 'File' on upper left corner, the 'save' functions are blanked out. You need to click on the little disc and then it works. Or you don't open at all but hit the right mouse button and save on any directory.

Q: Can I print the slides.

Yes, you can print the slides. The slides are Powerpoint presentations. If you don't have Powerpoint, we can give you a Link to Powerpoint execute version. This is free of charge.


Q: Can I save the slides on the computer.

Yes, you can download the file from the reference website and save  iton the computer hard disk or on any other storage device.


Q: What is the content of the recorded CD?

The CD includes the video clips and Powerpoint Presentation file to replay the seminar. It also has a link to a web address where you download all reference material as advertised.