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Scope of Labcompliance

Help to comply with regulations and quality standards in regulated industries with as little effort as possible, with highest confidence

During my presentations I frequently have been asked for literature references, how to get documents that have been mentioned in the presentations, how to get updates of my validation books and which information is available on the Internet. I always promised to send the information afterwards, but sorry to say, I almost never kept my promises. Just too much work in my job:


Therefore I thought it is a good idea to make most frequently requested documents and other news on compliance and validation available on the Internet. I hope this will help you to get the information you are looking for.


The information should help to comply with regulations and quality standards as easily as possible, to make validation and qualifications more cost-effective and to help readers to get more confidence in preparation for audits/inspections through providing

  • links and/or ordering information to basic reference material from official authorities as well as from private organizations and authors
  • New information to keep you up-to-date with the always changing requirements
    monthly downloads of key validation documents from the Users Club section.
  • Usersclub members pay an annual fee to finance maintenance and updates of the sites and to keep it independent from sponsors.

On the standard sites three types of information are included

  1. Documents mainly, but not only, written by Ludwig Huber. In general, these are either short abstracts or electronic draft versions of literature published in scientific or trade journals. Typically the drafts are not in the final format and they have not been checked by the publisher, but the content is right. E-versions can be ordered using a special form. Labcompliance User Club members have direct access through the password restricted area.
  2. Links to other Internet Sites
    The Internet contains an enormous amount of information. Trying to find the right documents specific to laboratory compliance or validation can be time consuming. The links on Labcompliance websites are specific to laboratories which makes the search quite efficient. If appropriate and available, short descriptions of the links are provided. Extremely useful links or other documents are market with Labcompliance tip. The authors hope the information will give the user a basic knowledge and familiarity with the role of the documents. Please note that URL addresses change sometimes. W have checked all on-line URLs at the time when we made the links. However, we can not ensure their correctness any time after. If you find any incorrect link, please inform us through the contact form.
  3. Literature references
    Public literature and official documents on different compliance issues. Based on that information, literature can be ordered from public libraries.

Thank you

Ludwig Huber
Author and Editor