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This website and all related derivative pages are operated by

Christoph Huber
Obere Alm 27
77704 Oberkirch
Company Trade name: Labcompliance

Phone: +49 7802 980582
Fax: +49 7802 981948
VAT number: DE172329441
Internet: www.labcompliance.com
E-Mail: Info@labcompliance.com

Managing Director: Christoph Huber

Contact for Data Privacy: Dr. Ludwig Huber
e-mail: Ludwig_huber@labcompliance.com


All Labcompliance documents and other information (e.g., photos) may only be viewed and saved for personal use. Users may not transmit or duplicate documents in whole or in part, in any medium

About the Labcompliance Business

Labcompliance is a private organization that provides the regulated Bio/Pharmaceutical industry with information on how to improve quality and to comply with FDA and other regulations and with quality standards such as ISO/IEC 17025. Starting from serving laboratories in 1999 the scope has been expanded to other areas like manufacturing and office applications.

Information is provided through

  • Books, videos on CD, reference papers for basic understanding of regulations, quality principles and standards and guidelines
  • Interactive on-line audio seminars with extensive hand-outs to provide information and tools for specific topics
  • Newsletters to keep visitors up-to-date with ever changing regulations
    Links to other internet sites, e.g., FDA and other authorities, but also to solution providers
  • Tutorials for self training on different topics such as GLP, ISO 17025, Computer Validation, Part 11 Compliance
  • Efficient tools like SOPs, checklists and examples for convenient cost-effective implementation
  • Workshops delivered through professional conference providers or as in-house trainings
  • Consulting for dedicated areas where Labcompliance has specific knowledge and experience

While some information is available for free, for example the newsletter, others are available for fees. Orders can be placed on-line, through fax or regular mail.

We also have a Usersclub. Members can access protected sites and download more than 500 documents. They include selected SOPs and other compliance tools but also information that is not available otherwise, e.g., interviews, video clips and presentations with FDA officials


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in our products, Labcompliance accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions. No liability can be accepted in any way.

Thanks for visiting Labcompliance Websites.

Your Labcompliance Team